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The Garden Age


I am the Creator and Writer of The Garden Age, an independent animated series following a group of bugs on their quest to save their world from a lawnmower. Together with a team of artists, we've created a full animatic episode, and have plans for lots more in the future. The Garden Age is currently being pitched to studios, and is available to purchase.

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Original Samples

The Garden Age 


Deep in the grass forests in the Kingdom of the Backyard, two young bugs embark on a journey to stop a great mechanical beast from destroying their world - a lawnmower.

Frog the Toad

A half frog/ half toad must overcome his doubts about his heritage and realize that just because he's a frog doesn't make him any less of a toad.

The PiRATe's! 


A group of pirate rats sail the Seven Sewers of New York City as they search for the greatest treasure of all; pizza.

Spec Samples

Bob's Burgers -
Spec Script


Written for the Nickelodeon Writing Program 2021.

Bob makes an unlikely friendship with an alley cat, while the kids sneak off to help Rudy build a treehouse in exchange for free pizza.

Ducktales -
Spec Script


Written for the Nickelodeon Writing Program 2019.

Louie starts encountering nightmares after eating too many sweets and decides to take the easy way out to get rid of them; summon a dream-eating demon.

Channel Frederator

In 2019, I began doing commissions for Channel Frederator. Some examples of my work can be found below.​

YouTube Commissions

I've been commissioned by various different YouTubers, such as 'blameitonjorge' and 'ThatCreepyReading', to write and develop scripts for their videos. Here is a playlist containing all of my writing commissions. It is updated periodically with new commissions.

Writing Commissions

Writing Commissions

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