The Garden Age


I am the Creator and Writer of The Garden Age, an independent animated series following a group of bugs on their quest to save their world from a lawnmower. Together with a team of artists, we've created a full animatic episode, and have plans for lots more in the future. The Garden Age is currently being pitched to studios, and is available to purchase.

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Channel Frederator

In 2019, I began doing commissions for Channel Frederator. Some examples of my work can be found below.​

YouTube Commissions

I've been commissioned by various different YouTubers, such as 'blameitonjorge' and 'ThatCreepyReading', to write and develop scripts for their videos. Here is a playlist containing all of my writing commissions. It is updated periodically with new commissions.

Short Scripts

BoJack Horseman -
Spec Script


Written for the Nickelodeon Writing Program 2017.

Bojack receives an invitation to his 35th college reunion and realizes he's getting old. Meanwhile, Todd gets a job as a singing telegram artist.

The Garden Age - Pilot


Deep in the grass forests in the Kingdom of the Backyard, two young bugs embark on a journey to stop a great mechanical beast from destroying their world - a lawnmower.

Monster in the Middle - Pilot

Pilot episode of a series created by Kira Brown.

A young half-monster half-human girl must navigate an insane high school full of monsters and learn her true potential, all while controlling her own monster urges.